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Data Entry Solution
Data Entry and Processing Services :-

Data Entry is the most important basic need of any organization. It is an exceptionally vital area of expertise that helps boost the performance standard competence.

you can just relax about all your data related problems. Goldenstar Company is a reputed service provider in terms of highly accurate, cost-effective, time bound data entry and processing services.

We offer wide range of data entry services such as online / offline data entry, data conversion, data mining, data capture, catalog processing, OCR/Scanning services to our clients worldwide. Our services helps you to increase your productivity and lessen your burden by outsourcing data entry, data digitization and offshore data entry jobs to us.

Our wide range of Data Entry Services includes:
  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Online Data Retrieval
  • Internet Research
  • Business Card Entry
  • Form / Image Processing
  • Mailing List Development
  • Product Entry to Ecommerce Stores
  • Book Keeping / Accounting

Our professional and experienced data entry staff can manage small as well as large data entry process in a professional and effective manner at a very reasonable cost.

Affordable Data Processing Services in India

Goldenstar Company is offering affordable quality Data Processing services in India.

Data is one of the most important resources for any business. The data you have may not necessarily in the format you need. And your business may depend on data from various sources that cannot provide it in a standard, usable format. For these and similar cases, we provide Data Processing and Data Conversion services and jobs that offer a variety of solutions to get data from one format into another.

Regardless of the current state of your data, we provide the necessary Data Conversion Services to convert it to a platform-neutral electronic format like XML that is suitable for importing into a Data repository or CMS system. We also provide excel Data Conversion services that encompass the entire data conversion process.

And the most inserting thing that we are providing Data Processing services and Data Conversion Services to you that can save you 60 to 70 percent cost.

Data Conversion Services and Solutions :-

Data conversion is a necessity in this age, as information is vital for any organization. For an organization to function effectively data needs to be easily accessible. Usually the data is stored in the form of paper over the years which is very tedious to find necessary data at time you need it. Data conversion is a necessity in this world where technology is constantly striving to make life easier.

Goldenstar Company provides Data Conversion Services in a variety of formats, using both manual as well as automated (OCR/ ICR/ OMR) techniques (Images to text, Text/rtf to XML/SGML, PDFs and other conversions). Tagging and re-tagging, Styling, Pagination/Typesetting and Abstracting & Indexing Services.

We offer broad range of data conversion services. Some of them are as follows:-

  PDF to Word Document/Excel Spreadsheet conversion
  Paper to PDF
  Image to Doc/Excel
  HTML conversion
  XML conversion
  Ebook conversion/creation
  Hard Copy to Soft Copy Conversion

At Goldenstar Company, we have the experience in conversion of large volumes of content from any source like newspapers, books, journals or from print, electronic images etc.

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Data Mining Services in Goldenstar Company

Data Mining is an innovative and much useful methodology which will surely help you on cost factor as it would reduce it to substantial amounts, besides, increasing ROI. Today's world is information hungry, and with Internet offering flexible communication, there is tremendous flow of data. However, it is important to make the data available in a readily workable format where it can be of great help to your organization. Therefore filtered data is of substantial use to the organization, and we provide efficient data mining services to increase profits, smooth work flow and ameliorating overall risks.

Goldenstar Company offers one of its kind data mining services which put into use concerted project management approach and focus completely on the processes right away. The in depth technical know how about various facts of data mining statistical software, besides other statistics management processes makes us an obvious choice for your business requirements.

Our seamless range of Data Mining services include:
Gathering data from websites into excel database
Searching & collecting contact information from websites
Using software to extract data from websites
Searching online newspapers for information
Extracting and summarizing stories from news sources
Gathering information about competitors business

Our team of experienced data miners is always ready to help you with your data mining requirements.

We are bound to provide quality services, and this is voiced by a long list of clients who have used our data mining services at one point of time. Our customized services match client's current working business models, and if not speaking more, we have data mining services that truly meet client's desire.

Catalog Processing Services in Goldenstar Company

With the conversion of local market into a global market, where anyone can get whatever they desire, every merchant is aiming at the essential need of marketing and selling their products at a global level, while earning the trust of their customers. We, at Goldenstar Company understand this and help a merchant to catalog their products and services in an electronic format on eCommerce Store in an effective and attractive way. We help expand your business via Internet through an eCommerce Store.

Goldenstar Company offers highly experience dedicated staff for catalog processing (catalog data entry projects) working on readymade / custom eCommerce interfaces like :-
  OsCommerce Store
  Magento Commerce Store
  Volusion eCommerce Store
  Yahoo Stores
  CRE loaded eCommerce Store
  Monster Commerce Store
  3d Cart eCommerce Store
  X-Cart eCommerce Store
  Zen Cart eCommerce Store
  AspDotNetStoreFront eCommerce Store, and
  Custom made eCommerce Stores

We have highly experienced dedicated staff who can add or update products information i.e. Product Name or Title, Brands or Manufacturer, SKUs, Part Numbers, Product Descriptions, Product Images, Categories, Price, etc.); that is sourced from manufacturer's website or product details (hard copy) provided by clients.

Why choose Cignus Web?
Our eCommerce store maintenance services ranges from building a catalog from scratch or adding/deleting necessary information to an existing store like adding/deleting products, changing the details and specifications of a product, revising prices periodically etc. We have a wide range of skilled and dedicated professionals at hand for you, who are efficient at online data entry and graphic designing services.

When you are outsourcing a catalog processing / eCommerce product entry project to our dedicated staff, we offer you services of our experienced Project Managers who would thoroughly assess client's requirements and create a project plan that caters to the needs of a client given the monetary constraints. In short, the Project Manager also helps in following areas:

Goals of a Project Manager:
  Understanding client requirements and create a project plan
  Outline a timeframe and a proper budget
  Set up a team of skilled data entry / graphic designers required for the project with prior approval from the client
  Outlines responsibilities for each person involved in the process
  Designate specifications
  Prepare a daily review and a quality assurance plan
Features of our eCommerce Store Maintenance Service

As a business person, you would require your eCommerce Store maintained not only skill efficient and time efficient but also cost efficient. We strive for perfection and hence do a through study on every product line we process.

Some of the points outlined as below:
  Extensive research on the product and gather its specifications (i.e., description, features, etc.)
  Study the proper category/sub-category before placing the product into the online database
  Product price comparison with the competing eCommerce sites
  Adding/deleting the product features (color, size etc) as per the availability of the stock
  Create search engine friendly pages that Yahoo, Google and MSN easily capture
  Product image resizing (providing images for the normal or enlarged view)
  Product Image background editing and renaming for SKUs

eMail/Live chat support for an E-Commerce Store

Customers strive for a human interface with which they can interact and get help to choose or compare various products. Cignus Web provides B2B eMail / live chat support solutions to their eCommerce online stores clients. Customer satisfaction is our prime motto. Hence, we satisfy a customer to an extent where he is convinced to buy your product.

Goldenstar Company is a reliable one stop shop for your web search related to catalog processing like: catalog processing, catalog processing India, catalog processing services, catalog processing outsourcing, offshore catalog processing, catalog processing projects, catalog processing for online stores, catalog processing for eCommerce store, catalog conversion, web content management for eCommerce store, eCommerce Store product entry, online product entry, online data entry, online store maintenance services, etc.


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